2017 VBS (6/12-16) 报名已经开始

CCMC 2017 Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Adventure Camp will be held from June 12 to June 16. Come join the exploration! Please use this link to download the registration form. Thank you!

CCMC 2017 儿童圣经夏令营将于6月12日(周一)至16日(周五)举办。欢迎你来参加。请点击此链接下载夏令营报名表。谢谢!

If you would like to become a VBS youth volunteer, please download and fill the volunteer application form, CCMC Youth Volunteer Application Form , and mail it back according to the instructions in the form. If you are not a CCMC member or an associate member, you will need to complete CCMC Youth Volunteer Sponsorship Form as well. A separate form is produced for your convenience, please download or forward this link to your sponsor. Thank you for volunteering!

如果你愿意成为VBS的年轻人志愿者,请下载并填写申请表格, CCMC Youth Volunteer Application Form ,并请按表格中提示的方法寄回表格。如果你不是CCMC会员或隶属于CCMC,则请你的推荐人填写CCMC Youth Volunteer Sponsorship Form 。谢谢!


Solicit Feedback on Revisions to CCMC Constitution & Bylaws


The following are the links to the proposed revisions of the CCMC constitution and bylaw, in both English and Chinese. Please review carefully and send any comments you may have in writing to the deacon board (either by email or leave in the offering box at church). Thank you.







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